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Commercial roof restoration by ThermaCoat is a Colorado based company that is fully insured and bonded.  With over 20 years of experience, we offer SUPERIOR quality workmanship and state of the art materials to provide our customers with the most accurate information they need when making decisions concerning the restoration of their roof or building sidewalls.

Your building is a very valuable investment.   If it was possible to e-x-t-e-n-d the life of your roof, save money on heating and cooling costs, realize a tax benefit, improve the look of your building and increase its value ... would you be interested in learning more?   Of course you would!   We can help you realize these benefits and make them a reality for your business.

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Here are just a few of the reasons"Restoring"or"Re-plying"your roof makes more sense than"Replacement":
  1. By using ASTEC Roof Coatings Systems, ThermaCoat warranties your new roof for ten years.  Additionally, your warranty is transferable and can be extended in ten year increments for decades to come.

  2. "Restoring" your roof takes about one half the time of a complete roof replacement ... with little or no loss of use or down time and less disruption at your facility.

  3. It is estimated that approximately 10% of all land fill waste is roofing material.  "Re-Plying" helps reduce this amount making your building healthier for the environment and "GREENER" ... which all of your clients will appreciate.

  4. "Restoring" your roof with our state of the art roof coating offers a tax benefit as a deductible maintenance cost which can be applied, in total, in the year they are expensed.  A roof replacement is considered a building improvement and must be depreciated over many years as a capital expense.

  5. It is estimated that up to 2/3 of roof replacements are made due to leaks.  Don't make a costly mistake resulting in the loss of your equipment or materials.  ThermaCoat will conduct a cost free survey to evaluate your particular situation and provide a comprehensive and customized report detailing the best solution for your roofing or sidewall project.

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